Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fear in Blogging

I haven't been blogging because I have been fearful of the safety aspect of things. I heard that there are people out there bashing homeschoolers and it just rubbed me the wrong way. I realize that not many people care about what goes on in our little house but it sent shivers down my spine to think that my name might be on someone's hate list. Over the holidays however I have had several family members mention that they do read my blog when I update and that they miss it. Jason said that I should start back.So I am just going to jump right in.
Christmas was awesome this year. We had a great time with no drama, which was a blessing! Despite being pregnant the drive up to family wasn't bad at all, due to our "new to us" 12 passenger van. January has presented some challenging moments however. I was put in L&D for monitoring because of low amniotic fluid but everything seems to be ok now. They gave me fluids and put me on bedrest. They really don't know what is going on but they will continue to monitor me for my levels and for potential blood clotting issues. Oh boy!! At least I get to see my little one more often! Thankfully Jason can work from home so he is trying to take on the most difficult tasks while I continue to homeschool as I can. We are actually almost done with this year. Because we homeschool year round, we end up finishing early and starting even earlier as the years progress. The kids love schooling because it gives them something to do. They can only take so much of tv and wii before going insane. I am thankful for this :)
On another note, I have found it difficult to get out of those holiday blues that I sometimes fall in. It's been especially difficult since coming back from the hospital. The excitement of it all and then crash-very anticlimactic! Don't get me wrong, I am grateful that he gets to stay in a little longer(I am at 33 wks) but it's still been difficult. I go back in today for another checkup. We will see. I am trying to focus on what it's going to be like AFTER he is here so that maybe the wait won't seem too long. I am looking forward to seeing him and watching how he fits into our little family. The kids are very excited as well!