Friday, June 29, 2007

Million Dollar Smile

Here is Summer's million dollar smile.

Here was my lunch. I wasn't too hungry because I had eaten a handful of nuts and 1/3 of my daily shake. This was cucumber-advocado soup.

This was Spelt bread that I made today-from scratch! I ground my own spelt, how cool is that!! It turned out really yummy. I would have gotten the whole loaf but the kids woudn't wait! LOL

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Library Fun

The kids had fun taking a pic with a group of school kids who wanted to take a pic of them for a school project they were doing.

The Call

For those who like writers like C.S. Lewis and Paul(out of the Bible), you will love this book. It really is awesome. I must confess that I didn't read a couple of chapters but I did "skim" them. I am thinking about checking the book out again just to finish what I didn't really get into. This book is not one that you can read while tired! I really enjoyed it though. The concepts in this book are deep and might just make you think twice about the way you live. If you struggle to know what your "calling" from God is(apart from being called into his family), then you really should read this book! I am currently reading Romans as well and I must say that my belief in predestination/selection has grown stronger! It is a sad but humbling belief. Also, in the last chapters of Romans, Paul talks about the Israelites and Gentiles. In a nut shell, the salvation came to the gentiles to make the Israelites jealous. I have so much respect for them now! We were grafted into this family, unlike the Israelites. Humbling thoughts....

Refrigerator Repair to Repair the Repair....

Well, we have the Frig man coming out again today. He is supposed to replace a pan under our frig. Waiting patiently....

Simple and Delicious

It was awesome..simple but soo good!

I also made some whole wheat bread for the kids. They enjoyed that.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beautiful Love Song

I thought this was a beautiful song! You don't find them like this anymore...

First attempt at a green shake

Well, this was my first attempt at making a green shake and it was REALLY good! It is 2 collard leaves, 1 banana, 1 pear, about a cup of young coconut water, 1 tsp pulp from young coconut(I think I could have left the coconut out completely), and a serving of raw hemp protein powder. I made this in the hopes that I can replace my Odwalla shake. They are pretty expensive.

Next we have lunch. This is the tortillas I was talking about. It has "sour cream" made out of sunflower seeds as well as some veggies. I have "chips" too.

What's "cooking"

I thought I would upload some pics on what I've recently "cooked". I am going 80-90% raw foods and so I have had to be creative! The first pic is of our beef jerky we made in the dehydrator.

Then we have "sour cream" made from sunflower seeds, lemon, salt, water.

Then I have a collard wrap(all raw) with some Bragg's marinated zuchini and onions.

Next is the wheat grass I am growing.Notice the dew on top of the leaf? Isn't that beautiful!

along with Amaranth.

Today I am having flax crackers as well as flax and avocado tortillas. I will get some pics up of those as well.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Falling Trees

Today we are supposed to have 5 trees taken down! I am not looking forward to hearing that scary crunch sound as they fall. Last week our neighbors had 15 pine trees taken down and one of them fell in our yard. It scared me to death! We are supposed to have the refrigerator man come by AGAIN for our leaking frig. It's not that bad but it could ruin the floor eventually. My sister came for Alex's b-day this weekend and it was so nice to see her. She seems like she is in a much better mood/spirit. I know that she is facing hard times right now but I honestly believe that God has a reason for it all. I love her dearly and wish I knew what to say to her sometimes. When I talk to people who are in rough spots sometimes I think I sound like this nieve and inexperienced fool! But I just want to share my heart and encourage. Maybe I will get better at that as I get older! LOL

On the positive side, I think we have found us a church! It's I really liked the sermon that he preached yesterday! If you want to read it, it should come up under the sermons link. They also had a visitors luncheon yesterday that was great! Toby and Summer stayed in the nursery, which was a big shocker. I think they really enjoyed it. I am taking the kids this Wed to see how they do. This week should be fairly busy but I am hoping to get more in the grove of schooling. Last week we did school but I had to leave out a couple of things because I didn't have the scanner.

Alex is One!!

Saturday was Alex's birthday. Here are the photos from that day...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Doctors appt

Here is a pic of the kids peaking out of their new play thingy. Well, today I had my first appt with a new doctor close by. He was VERY thorough to say the least! He suggested several things that I will not take(one of them being progesterone shots for preterm births) I figured my last birth lasted a while so hopefully this one will be even better! I really like him though. Today was a day of preparing for the weekend because we have Alex's b-day but I feel like I didn't get anything done! I hate those days where you run 90 miles an hour and look back and go, I didn't get anywhere, I can still see where I departed from. Oh well.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We had a blast last night while Daddy finished up washing the walls(after stripping off the wallpaper). Here are some photos I took of the kids dancing. Excuse all the toys. We had to put them in the this room while we finished up the other one.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Lovely flowers

Here is a pic of the first blooms of the kids easter flowers that Grammy gave them. We have more blooming right now.

Hair and Vacuuming

Here's a pic of the girls playing hairstylist. Summer decided to do her own instead of Kaitlyn's.
For some reason my little's LOVE the vacuum. It is a family affair. They play chase the vacuum, Mom plays dodge the little children.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's day!!

Happy Father's day to all the wonderful men in my life! To my dearest husband, the most influencial and compassionate man I have ever met, I give you my love and devotion forever!! Thank you so much for your preserverence and love for our children. Thank you for leading our family and showing us our heavenly father every day by the way you treat us and love us. We cherish you!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Today is the day!

Well, we are likely closing on the house today! We are waiting to hear about the water heater. We think the pilot light may be off so we couldn't get any hot water. We are supposed to close at 3 today and I am so excited! I have been sewing alot to try to keep my brain from obsessing too much with the house. I have really enjoyed it! I will upload some pics later. This weekend was alot of fun! We did our usual weekend routine but everyone was in better spirits because of the house. Alex started walking as well! He is our earliest walker so far. He took 2 steps and then realized what he had done. Now, he is taking 8-10!! That quick, I can't believe it. I have to say-YAY!!!! I know that he is growing up fast but in a way, I want him to. I love it when they are at this age but I really long to see who they "are". The time when their personality starts to really shine is so neat. Summer has taken a LOT longer than I would have liked, but, they are all different. She is a young 2. I don't even know if she will be potty trained in the near future. She really lets her emotions rule over everything-which is typical at this age. It's just that she is much more emotional than her siblings were at this stage. At this point, I am letting her be who she is. Sure, we are training her to learn to control herself but I am much more relaxed with her than I used to be. I guess it's because I have accepted that yes, I am going to hear her cry MANY times throughout the day so I am not supprised when it happens! Here's to the chaos of having many children!