Thursday, May 31, 2007

There may be a delay in the getting the house

We found out yesterday that the plumbing is a bigger issue than first thought. Evidently the leak that we saw goes deeper than anyone expected. So, they will likely have to tear down the wall in order to get to behind the bathroom without going through the tile. I think I would rather them go through the tile-that way they have to replace it! LOL I am disappointed that things are going so slowly considering we were supposed to close on the 4th BUT I am soo glad that we are seeing these things now and not after closing! They say that we still could close on time but I am highly doubtful. I guess we will know something sometime this weekend. It is really frustrating. On the positive side, I was able to go through the house yesterday and look around to see what I might want to do with it. The new house is different than this one in that there are less rooms but the rooms are bigger. I think I am going to like having bigger rooms! I am excited in the fact that I get to keep my sewing supplies downstairs-yay! That way, when my insane body gets up at 4, I will have something productive to do. We were taking this week off from school but I am seriously considering starting back today just because I don't know what to do about the house. I really don't want to take unnecessary time off. I am thinking about it. I am so glad today is Thursday!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yesterday was great! Jason didn't have to work so we just realaxed and had a good time. We went to look at refrigerators and decided to get a freezerless refrigerator and a seperate freezer. We are packed out right now in our current frig and it's 25 cubic ft! I hope this is a wise decision. I guess we will know in time. I am ready to start this week. We are not schooling this week because we need to continue to pack but I can't help wondering if thats not a good idea. The kids do so much better when we make time for that. Maybe I will do more crafty things with them this week. Yesterday I made something that was delicious! I took some wheat berries(dried) and put them in the crock pot for about 6 hours. I used it to feed the kids snack, desert, and we also used it in our dinner. We still have some left over that I am going to experiment with it today. Maybe I should get Kaitlyn to take some pics! That might doom me to failure though.LOL Here's to a beautiful Tuesday!

Monday, May 28, 2007

I don't have a name for this entry simply because I don't want to name it "update". how many times have I read that on a blog? Anyway, I have a couple of things to say to catch up on the last month. We will be closing on a new house on June 4th! I am extremely excited about this move! This best thing about moving to this new house is that we will be alot closer to Jason's work and family. I have given the piano a rest for the time. I have tried, fruitlessly, to practice but I can't seem to concentrate in the midst of having all the littles. So, for a season, I will put it down. Da Vinci even said that "We should not desire the impossible". I don't know why I can do all that I do but piano is not one of them! I think it's because I can't just put it down and come back real quick. It takes longer periods of time to get anywhere. I have been sewing more lately even! I made Kaitlyn, Me, and Summer and skirt. I am going to work on Charlotte's after the move. I also made them and Toby an apron, which was alot of fun! Yesterday I made homemade cheese! It was more like a ricotta cheese because I didn't use cheesecloth. It was sooo good. Then we used the whey(from the curds and whey) to make a protein shake-yummy and healthy! I really enjoy baking and cooking new things-especially if it saves money. I made some wheat bread the other day that we put the homemade cheese on. We topped it with tomatoes and onions. It was really good. The only thing I would like to change is to have homegrown tomatoes and onions! Maybe one day. I have been reading some excellent books lately. I am reading one right now called "Well rounded : eight simple steps for changing your life, not your size". It's written by a plus size model. I would recommend it to all women who struggle with ANY type of bad feelings toward their body-which is MOST women! I am also reading "The Call", by Os Guinness. It seems to be good so far. I need to get a side bar on my blog with a reading list. I have seen alot of people doing this and I love to see what they are reading-thank heavens for the library!