Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hopeful Weekend

We are gearing up for camping this weekend. I am excited but a little bit concerned. I am not sure if we are setting ourselves up for failure or not. We won't be far away from the house so I guess we can always come home if these get tough. I am planning on taking lots of pics-hopefully I will be able to upload them. I am having problems with my camera and that's one of the reasons there hasn't been as many pics.

Yesterday I sewed Charlotte culottes. I think they look pretty good. The day before that I sewed Kaitlyn and Summer matching skirts. I was able to get a picture of Charlotte's culottes but I will have to wait till this weekend to upload Summer's and Kaitlyn's pics. Here's Charlotte's culottes and a few of the other kids.

Homeschool Week of 5/25

Cheaper by the Dozen(We stopped this one-didn't like the language)
The story of the Monitor and the Merrimac (Cornerstones of freedom)(C)
North American Wildlife (revised and updated)(K&C)
Mandie and the Night Thief (Mandie, Book 37)(K)
On the Run (Left Behind: The Kids #10)(C)
Mandie and the Hidden Past (Mandie, Book 38)(K)
Romona and Her Mother(C)
Thimble Summer(C)
The Wright Brothers (Landmark Books)(K)
Turn Homeward, Hannalee(K)


John(Using homemade worksheet questions)
North American Wildlife book. We are using this to identify different plants/insects at the parks that we visit
This has been a hit.
Videos about dinosaurs from Answers in Genesis
Social Studies:
-Historical fiction books(above)
-Talked about Memorial Day
-Charlotte still writing book
-Camping skills/readiness

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Essene Bread

2 cups sprouted wheat(before sprouted)
1 Tbl oil
1 Tbl honey
1 tsp salt(or more for taste)
1 cup water
Place first4 ingredients in food processor, blend. Add enough water to establish consistency of oatmeal. You're not looking for pureed, you want some good texture. Divide dough into desired size onto teflex dehydrator sheets. I usually divide this amount into 12 small rounds about the size of a bread slice. Dehydrate at 105 for 2-4 hours, flip, and dehydrate for another 2-4 hours. This is very costumizable. You can dehydrate for as long as you want. It will be more doughy if you dehydrate for a shorter amount of time. I use a spatula to spread out my batter. I got it from vitamix when I ordered my blender. This has been an invaluable tool when spreading things on the trays. Sometimes it helps to dip the spatual into some water before you spread it around. You could also dehydrate this in the sun. It wouldn't take longer than a day I don't believe.

Book List

Instead of having my book list on the side of my page, I am going to use a blog page to keep track of it.
~Make Your Own Patterns

~Keeping Our Children's Hearts
Great book.
~Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit
Prepare to be challenged. Excellent book.
~You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Start & Succeed in a Farming Enterprise
Wonderful book. Great for those looking to start a farm(large or small)
~The Duggars: 20 and Counting!: Raising One of America's Largest Families--How they Do It
Cute book! I enjoyed reading about their journey and how God has worked in their lives.
~Teach Them Diligently
~A Woman After God's Own Heart
~Ditch The Diet and The BudgetPretty good book
~Hearing and Writing Music
~The Self Sufficient Life and how to live itLoved this book..I am buying it one day
~Calm my Anxious Heart
~Cure for the Common Life
~Breaking Free
~You can trust God
~How to Handle Trouble
~The Call
Excellent book! I am planning on reading it again.

~12 Steps to Raw Foods
LOVED this book!!

~Sarah Ban Breathnach's Mrs. Sharp's traditions : reviving Victorian family celebrations of comfort and joy
Great for reference, not a read through for me though!

~The gentle ways of the beautiful woman : a practical guide to spiritual beauty
Really good book.This is a read again!

Fabric Sales

I got some new fabric yesterday! Linen was 50% off. I love linen, I am planning on making a skirt out of it. We will see how that goes. At the present, I am learning how to draft my own pattern. I can't stand store bought patterns. Nothing fits me right. I got a book called Make Your Own Patterns: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Making Over 60 Dressmaking Patterns Jason thinks he can create a program that takes the measurements you input and draws the pattern for you. That would be pretty cool! I think getting the drawing right is a major headache. I would be able to just print out the pattern, tape the pages together, and done. As of now I use parchment paper to make a pattern. I can't stand how it rolls. I am going to try to make this skirt a little shorter so I can use it to go camping in. This is a lightweight linen so it should be fairly cool. I might add some pockets to the next one if this one turns out nice. I would like to put some pockets and a D-ring on it to hold my keys or a small flashlight. Eventually I might sew in shorts. Those are my thoughts anyway, whether it will happen or not, that is a different story!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Been Thinking

Yet another post about raw foods:) I have been thinking about something. Is it the raw foods that make us healthy or the lack of chemicals, etc... when we go on a raw food "diet". What if you ate anything you wanted, cooked or uncooked, but just didn't eat anything with artificial colors, MSG, etc.. in it. I don't think I have met anyone that has tried both to compare. That would be an interesting experiment. The hard part would be buying meats and what not. They would need to be grass fed, hormone free, and free range and that can be expensive. Eggs are cheaper. Milk is another story as well. It would be cheaper to do a chemical free cooked lifestyle than it would to do a raw food lifestyle. That is something to consider, might be fun. Trying to come up with cheap, chemical free, easy meals that taste good. Ok, I think I have a new project. The kids would love this. I could posts some of the meals I come up with, though I am sure there are tons on the net.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Homeschool week of 5/18

Cheaper by the Dozen(Reading out loud)
Left Behind books# 8&9(C)
Mandie Books- 3(K)
All of a Kind Family(C)
Shades of Gray(K)
Helen Keller(K)
George Washington Carver(K)
Hop books(T)

John(Using homemade worksheet questions)
Read about comets
Mysteries and Marvels
Studied grasshoppers

Social Studies:
War World 1 continued
-Historical fiction books(above)

-Charlotte's book
-Charlotte wrote a book! She said she thought "How could I honor God with my time?" so she decided to write a book that would tell people about Jesus and glorify him. I might just upload it once she has it the way she wants it. She read a lot to us and I just can't believe that she wrote it. How neat
-Went to the library

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Simply cooked

I wanted to add to my last post about raw foods. I actually believe that cooked foods are not evil! One of the problems with cooked foods is that we usually buy convenience foods. Canned, frozen, prepackaged, processed, you get the picture. We rarely eat simply when it comes to cooked food. It's much easier to open a can of green beans than it is to blanch some fresh ones. Who wants to eat pasta by itself? You have to buy sauce. Who wants to eat a steak without something to go with it? Fries without ketchup? I can honestly say that one of the reasons I love raw food is that each ingredient tastes pretty good just by itself. Squash might need a little help. :) I am positive that if my body needed squash, it would taste wonderful by itself. I have found that the kids like simple foods versus complex. They would rather eat their food in it's basic form. Maybe we need to get back to that. Even if you eat cooked food, try to eat simpler, without adding a bunch of stuff to cover up whatever your eating. Maybe your body would tell you it doesn't want it. Now wouldn't that be neat?

Zoo video of the kids

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Raw Food

Ok, many of you know that I eat 90% raw food. Why? Please do a google search on the benefits, there are TONS of information out there on it. Doctor's prescribe it for people with cancer, it has healed diseases, and it has given many people their life back. It is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. I will say that again, it is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. You realize that our lives should not revolve around food, yet for most people it does. What tastes the best, or what indulges that powerful craving? It's ok to think these things sometimes, God created food for us to enjoy. But when we go off the deep end and "sit at the King's banquet table" for every meal, something's wrong. This doesn't always stop at the raw food lifestyle. We can get carried away here as well. Gourmet raw food can be addicting! Simple is better sometimes. Now, when you first start eating more raw foods, you will think that your life is evolving around food. You have to learn new skills, get recipe books, etc.. You will get the hang of it and it will start to become natural(because it is). You CAN do raw foods without a dehydrator but it does help with transitioning. All this to say that I might start blogging some recipes that I am trying out. It's hard with the kids, they are so picky! They are not all raw so it's difficult for their tastebuds to acclimate. When you start eating more raw foods, your taste buds will change and you will see that you start to crave the things you didn't like at first. It's so neat how our bodies let us know what they need if we just pay attention. God is a great designer!

Week of 5/11

Cheaper by the Donzen(Reading out loud)
The Perilous Road(K)
Sarah Whitcher's Story(K)
Freedom Train(Charlotte)
Hop Books(Toby)
The Story of Thomas Edison(K)
Helen Keller(K)
The Terrible Wave(K)
Talked about fractions w/Jason
Played with over 15 rolie polies, looked up what they ate, etc..
Went to the Zoo

Social Studies:
Read about World War 1(How it got started), why it was a different war because the technology was different(more destructive).

-Toby counted to 400!! We never practiced this, he just wanted to do it so he figured it out. What a smart little guy.
-Studied the praying mantis and watched a video of it
-Summer has learned how to fold rags!
-Kaitlyn sewed Summer a doll without any help from me! I will post pics
-Kaitlyn sewed Alex a boy doll.
-Played webkinz and new educational computer game
-Kaitlyn sewed another doll just for me to take pics since Summer drew on the other 2. How sweet:)
-We will be going to a promotional picnic on 5/16 where we will get to see some chickens! Yay!!
-They learned about how to strip the wallpaper, put in tiles, etc.. because of all the work that has been done in the bathroom.
-Kaitlyn read out loud to the littles a good bit this week, thank you Kaitlyn!

Friday, May 15, 2009

House Projects

This week my house has undergone some changes! My neighbor cama over and has helped(done most of the work) finish our upstairs bathroom's floor, walls, and trim. It looks awesome! I painted the kitchen, something that has needed to be done for many months now! I still need to go over a couple of places but I really like it. I need to sew some curtains(where to begin with fabric choices??) and get some pics up but that will come in time. I am so grateful that we are getting these things done. Today I am spending time catching up from yesterday. I didn't do laundry yesterday because we had some things we had to get taken care of outside of the home. I have about 3 loads now waiting for me!! I usually do about 2 loads a day. Good thing I don't mind it so much:) I just turn on some music and enjoy it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How simple is too simple?

I have been thinking a lot about how we can live more simply. The truth is, it's very difficult to let go of things! In talking about our dreams and goals we want to take a radical approach(you will have to wait on hearing what our goals are because we are pondering at this point and don't want to get ahead of ourselves) but who wrote the book on what is radical and what is insane? I find that in our marriage we have always taken a different route. Always been a little off in our thinking compared to others. Are our dreams just a little too off or are we being called to a different life(even different than what we have now) It's hard for me to judge these decisions. I have always been crazy, sometimes too impulsive and extreme. But Jason has always brought me back to reality. Now it seems that he is desiring things that I desire so there is no bringing me back to reality. Could it be that this is not just one of my crazy ambitions? We are taking a step by step approach. What CAN we do now, no matter what we decide later. Acknowledging the fact that things might change, we can work on what we know will benefit us regardless of where the road leads. That means simplifying. But, then I ask the question again, how simple is too simple?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Homeschool Week of 5/4

Story of the USA
Freedom Train
Mandie Books(K)
Left Behind books-3 this week(C)
All Sail Set(RA-read aloud,still reading)
Oh Yuck, the Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty
A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt(K)
The Terrible Wave(K)
Mysteries and Marvels of Nature(C)
Little Bear(Toby)
Frog and Toad(Toby)
Social Studies:
Talked about the Knights of Labor(Charlotte read about it in The Story of the USA) which led to a discussion about the recent writers strike and what it means to be on strike.
Historical Fiction books
Rolie Polie observations
Discussion of why we have strawberries growing everywhere that we didn't plant
Yuk book
Other Science books listed above
Papa showed us what Poplar and Sugar gum trees looks like.
Observed a dead Dragon fly
Completing Math Stories from CaptivatedMinds
Painting, (K)Piano, American Songs(Wee Sing), Bike Riding
This week Kaitlyn sewed charlotte a hankie and Grammy a bookmark.
Helped Toby count his money
Played Webkinz

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Picture updates

Avocado seeds. Waiting to see what they do :)


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Riding in the rain

Yesterday evening I was going crazy inside. I really needed to get out and breathe the fresh air and see God's nature. We decided to go ahead to the park even though the weather didn't look good. The older girls and I were the only ones who brought our bikes. Jason pushed the big stroller and Toby ran along side me. We got a little ways and it started raining. We decided to just wait it out under the canopy of the trees. It was beautiful standing there, protected, yet in the middle of it. It never quit but it did let up a little. We just kept going. Everyone had an awesome time. Toby ran the whole way with the girls and I. I can't believe how fast he is! I never had to wait on him. I wonder if God will use that somehow in his life.
I have several pictures that I need to post but I can't find my cable.

Monday, May 04, 2009


Time is so strange. I can’t seem to understand it, though everything seems to depend on it. It’s my friend, yet it’s my enemy. What’s even more unfathomable is the thought of life without it. I think about God, and how he is outside of time. How peaceful that must be! To make decisions without thinking about before or after. To laugh without needing to stop. To sing without running out of breath (for time will do that). To run and not grow tired. To love with an un-measureable amount, right away (For love grows with time). To live in eternity without time. What does that look like? We live our lives waiting for time to change so that we can experience some moment, some joy that gives us hope. Oh how brief it is! And many times we get to that precious point in time only to be let down. How wonderful it must be to finally reach that blessed TRUE hope. The hope that is beyond anything we could imagine in our simple minds. Even more is the reality that it will NEVER end! We will live in that state for eternity with our God. Wow, what a thought. He is the hope that keeps us pressing on towards the goal. I am so glad that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will not be let down!

Great Weekend

I know I am weird but I just can't help it. Do you know how neat it would be to have an avocado tree? I know that it will likely not grow here but I can just try it right? This is my latest mini project. I have a couple of seeds sitting on my windowsill with toothpicks stuck in them so that they will suspend over water. Evidently, in a couple of weeks, they will start sprouting. Eventually, they will turn into trees. Maybe next year? LOL I don't know if I get enough sun so we will see. I will post pics later on.

We had an awesome weekend! We went bike riding again with everybody in tow. Jason carries two of the chunky munkies and I carry two. It is getting easier though I wouldn't say it was easy! We stopped to take a break at one point. The kids were running around in the field. Jason and I were laying on our backs looking up at the sky in awe of God's beauty. The contrast between the green trees and the blue sky were breathtaking! All of the sudden we heard thunder. The kids kept telling me that it was the bridge but I knew better. I looked up and sure enough, dard clouds were moving in very fast. We decided to start heading back. As soon as we got on the bikes we felt trickles of rain. We raced back to the car laughing as the rain pounded down on us and gave us relief after a hard ride. Isn't God great! He allowed us to see his beauty and power in so many ways. I cannot fathom what heaven is going to be like. Sunday night we got to have devotional time with our friends again. Man, how greatful I am to God that he saw fit to bring them into our lives. I LOVE spending time with them.

I am going to try to upload some more photos today.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Progress on the health front

We have made(and are still making) some changes here. In light of all the yucky chemicals I found hiding in alot of our "healthy" food, we have been more vigilant in checking labels. You know, those pesky little things that we don't want to look at for fear that it will make us feel guilty. I am completely off stevia. I still drink coffee but it is mostly decaf. I use almond milk, which I buy from the store, but I will soon be making it myself. I bought a couple of nutbags but I need more because I am using those for sprouting grain. I LOVE my essene bread! The kids are eating alot more raw food thankfully. They love fruit, zuchini speghetti, lettuce wraps with peanut butter, essene bread with honey, salad, and green shakes. I have yet to find a salad dressing that they like that is healthy. I have tried buying them from the store and they hate those. They like ranch dressing but everyone starts breaking out on their face when they eat it. I need to find a recipe that works so it won't be so expensive! I have one that I LOVE. It's Annies green goddess dressing. It's not raw but I am going to experiment with making it raw this weekend. It's just too expensive to keep buying. I had such a great time yesterday at my friends house. She let me use her oat flaker! I brought my oat groats over and went to town. They are soo much better! I love to just sit and chat with her, such a neat lady. I talked to my Daddy the other day and found out that he is doing soo awesome. He is bending his leg and pressing on toward the goal. I swell up with pride(I know, I know) when I think about all he has been through and where he is now. Love you Daddy and Mama Sue! That's all for now. Wow, I was really chatty today. :)