Saturday, August 28, 2010

Little by Littles

This morning I was thinking about all the things that I "do". I have always been taken back when anyone tells me that I do so much like sewing, raw food stuff, music, and learning new skills. I think to myself "No I don't! I need to do more!" I think the reason why I have this response is that I don't do everything ALL the time. I am not physically capable of doing that! lol My life is a series of "little by littles". Things get done a little at a time. I will take on one thing and something else gets put down. This is just how it has to work right now in my life. Does that mean, because I can't do something to it's fullest right away, that I should not do it at all? Certainly not! Jason always tells me "It's the process not the end goal that is so enjoyable. Take your time." Right now I have a piano that is calling my name, a felt piggie waiting to be sewn together, a diaper body that is half done, a dehydrator that needs to be filled, buckwheat sprouts that need to be rinsed, bathrooms that need to be cleaned, diapers that need to be stuffed, and a little baby that is waking up. Little by little I will get to the most important and go from there. Now where's that baby. I love my life. :)