Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tech Tuesday

I am continuing my husband's series on HTML/CSS/Javascript. If you want to continue the series quicker, you can go to http://millikencodes.wordpress.com/

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Veggie Murder...

So this is what just happened as we were fixin preparing dinner. I opened the huge bag of frozen veggies only to find smaller bags of veggies that are steam-able. I said "Umm, weird. I guess you have to kill the veggies before you eat them." Charlotte says " Yeah, I knew this guy who knew this guy, who..... and he said that there was this guy who ate a piece of broccoli straight off the plant. He even washed it. But guess what, that broccoli ate him from the inside out. Yeah, it's dangerous to eat that stuff raw. Those vegans are messed up in the brain!"

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tech Tuesday!

Guest post from my husband, computer super hero. He has recently started a very basic beginners series on HTML/CSS. He initially wrote this for my computer savvy children but I thought it would be great to post it on here.

HTML & CSS: Lesson 1 – Setting up your box.

Before we can start pounding out code and creating awesome web sites we need to do a little setup.  Artists need paints, writers need pens, and web developers need an IDE. So what is an IDE?  An IDE is an Integrated DevelopmentEnvironment.  Basically, it is a program that helps you  write code.  Word helps you write papers by helping with spelling, grammar and formatting.  An IDE does the same thing – more or less. “Where do I get this IDE you speak of”, you may ask.  There are many good IDEs.  Fortunately, Microsoft provides a free version of Visual Studio (IMHO the greatest IDE ever).  Download Visual Web Developer Express and install it on your box.http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/en-us/products/2010-editions/visual-web-developer-express.  This install can take a long time. So be prepared for a lot of waiting.  The installation process is mostly self explanatory.  Just take all of the default installation options and answer the questions. The next thing you need to install is a modern web browser.  For development the best browser is Google Chrome.  The developer tools are a must.  Download and install it – https://www.google.com/chrome. Not bad for our first lesson.  You now have your work environment setup.  Time to do some work.  In our next lesson we will walk through setting up a project and creating our first web page.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Wrong direction

You have gone down the wrong path and see no end in sight in either direction. Do you keep going even after witnessing the road is getting a little rocky? Stay with me and think about this. It's getting dark. You know for sure that turning around would be hard and long, might even be hours before you arrive into safety. On the other hand, you might come to the end soon on the path that your on. The only problem is that the path is getting dangerous and it rides close to the cliff, you could fall off! For all you know it could take 2 more days to get to the end and even then you don't know where it leads. Would you keep going? I wouldn't, because I know that if I turn around it might be hard but I would know for sure that I was on the right path and it's not going to kill me. My destination is known. Just because we might have traveled down a certain path in our lives that ended up turning out to be hazardous, it doesn't mean that we keep walking in it. I have heard time and time again that "Well, there's nothing I can do about it now", "I guess we will just see how things turn out", "It's too late for me, takes to much effort to change", "Change is for those that have a long life ahead of them, I am too old". These answers are crazy! Turning around IS the right path if it gets you off the wrong one. It's not like you need to develop wings and fly, just turn around. What are you doing that is detrimental to your life and your witness? What can you change that, when you are on your death bed, you can look back and say "That was a good change, glad I made it" Or will you say "Man, if I had just changed a little, things could have been different" I have a right to say these things. I have struggled in my life and made changes when it felt like I was dying. Change is hard, turning around is hard and takes time. But it's worth it!! If I die tomorrow I will be able to look back and praise God that he enabled me to change. I will say that change is almost impossible without the Father who changes hearts and minds. If you find yourself not calling out to him and still struggling, this is why. I still struggle with many things but praise God he still works on me. Turn around and straighten yourself out. If you do end up turning around you will find that God in his mercy will actually put you on a different path altogether and surprise you with his help along the way.