Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update on Kaitlyn

Well, her temp got up to 104.9 today. It came down with Tylenol so the doc said since we can control it we will wait till tomorrow to see how she is doing. I am praying that she gets better through the night. At least she doesn't have a neck ache or headache anymore!

Vacation and Back Home

Well, we had an interesting vacation. We had a lot of fun times! We are back home and things are not back to normal yet. Kaitlyn is really sick right now. She is running a fever of 104 and I am trying to get it down. I took her to the doc. yesterday because she was complaining of a sore neck and headaches. Those are signs of meningitis. The doc said that she might have it but only time would tell. I am supposed to take her in if she gets worse. The thing is, now her neck isn't hurting much and she doesn't have a bad headache. Does that mean this thing is just a virus? I surely don't won't Andrew to get it because he will likely have a febrile seizure with such high temps. Dh goes back to work today. I am sure going to miss him, it's so nice having him home! I will post later with an update on Kaitlyn.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jason's Birthday Cake

They have done it again! Here are the pics.

I just had to post again about the cd Sooth Me. Every time I listen to it I end up crying. I truly believe that God has blessed these ladies in their ministry.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our History

I sat and listened to my 80 year old grandma for several hours today. She reminisced about the old days, you know, the ones that had all the happiness and joy. The ones she wished she could live over. She ventured into those bad years, the years that seem to live over and over again in her head. Remembering the ones she lost, how they were lost, why they were lost, and what their life meant to her. I was fascinated. I sat and thought about all those memories swimming in her head. All those experiences lost in the sea of time. I would like to think that we all have memories that will forever live on but the reality is that everything will pass away. Sure, there are some things that will live on for longer than others but the truth is that they are history. History accumulates more history everyday and there just isn’t enough brain power for us to carry on other people’s memories. We carry our own. I now have a memory of sitting down with my Grandma and talking with her. I can pass down what she shared with me. I can share the emotional experience with my children but they will not have the same memory as me. I love history. Even though we might not be able to remember all that we hear or all that we study, history has a huge impact on our lives. When I talk about history, I am not only talking about our own past, I am talking about the pasts of others as well. It can change our course of action or project us into success. I love the fact that history is safe. There is no fear, worry, or uncertainty. It’s done, no guessing what comes next. There are deeper emotional attachments to history than there are when we think about our future. Yet somehow we consume ourselves with the future knowing full well that history can help us face the future with confidence.
As we closed the evening I couldn’t help but be shameful. I have several other older family members that I haven’t listened to enough. I feel cheated in a way as well. Why didn’t someone tell me this stuff was important? I am left with feeling hopeless that I will get a chance to share memories with them. I want to share their emotion when they talk about the joy, relive their sorrow, and recount their victories. The only way I know to help my history live a little longer is to write it down. No one may read it but at least it will be here if they want to. That way, if I never get a chance to sit down with my Granddaughter and chat about my past, at least she can read about it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Cd

A friend let me borrow a Cd called Soothe Me by Serene and Pearl from AboveRubies.org. I LOVE it! You can find it here. It focuses on Motherhood while uplifting our Heavenly Father. It is so uplifting. I really needed to hear it. Thank you Shelby!!

Homeschool week of 7/13

We have still been sick(well, just me anyway) so it has been another lighter week.
Strong Start Bible Devotionals
BookWorm Adventures
Return to Chimp Eden videos
Considering God's Creation
First Language Lessons
D&D game-continuing to cover the constitutional convention and math skills(they love this, they ask for it on non school days-Praise God!)
Human Body videos from netflix
Writing(from the D&D game. They are doing so awesome! They write about their experiences inside the game.)

Roll of Thunder Hear My cry
Reading Mandy books again
Return to Gone Away Lake
Hooked on Phonics

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Homeschool week of 7/6

This week we have been very sick. We still did school but it wasn't normal.
D&D type game covering history now(Madison's notes on the Constitutional Convention) and math
Bookworm Adventures
We lesson out of Considering God's Creation
More Borrower's books
Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry
Sarah Plain and Tall
Hop books

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Homeschool Week of 6/29

Lazy week! Well, really the kids have been working on their game with Jason. They have so much fun with this. They are making progress with their math skills because they want to win at the game. So neat.

Dungeons and Dragons type Math/moral game with Jason(his own creation)
Bookworm Adventures(Everyone)
First Language Lessons
The Borrowers(a couple of the series)
Helen Keller
Gone Away Lake
Hooked on Phonics books
100 EZ lessons
Kindegarten book
ABC Bingo

Considering God's Creation
Several videos on Greece/Taking notes

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Alex's 3rd birthday cake

Thanks goes to my Mil and Sil for their beautiful work and creativity! Thank you for making the kid's birthdays so special!

Someone please pass the expresso

Wow, I have been exhausted! We have managed to get school back in motion this week which has been nice. They enjoy having stuff to do. We are planning on going to the zoo today. That is always fun! I have some pics of the birthday cake that my Mother in law and sister in law made. I will upload those today. The cake was awesome! We had such a good time this past weekend. It's always hard visiting up there though. We miss it so badly! We miss being around family. I just wish I could take all my friends and my church with us when we move back. I don't know if we ever will move back but the plan was in a couple of years, if the Lord made the path clear, we would do it. We will see what he has for us. I am so very thankful for where we are now though. The Lord has put many wonderful people in our lives. The kids have loved it! On another note, we gave the cat away to our next door neighbor. She has 9 other cats! I am so glad she took him because I was about to take him to the humane society. Now the kids can go and see him. I have to say that it was really sad though. When we came back in the house it was like a family member was gone. So weird! We really didn't have a choice though. Several of the kids have cat allergies and they were miserable.