Thursday, February 21, 2008

What a Green Shake looks like

This is what I put in my green shake this morning. A banana, some nuts, mixed fruit and collards on top. This is my vitamix blender.

This is what comes out.

I drink half and then enjoy a cup of hot tea to warm me back up. Today I had an orange tea. After the tea I am usually pretty full. So about 45 minutes later I will drink the rest.


Debra said...

Crystal, I was surprised to see the color of your smoothie- mine are always bright green. I start out with a blender full of greens and enough water to blend down. this decreases the greens by half. then I add lots of bananas- like 4, a cup of strawberries, mangos etc... add more fruit if it isn't sweet enough. This way I am getting more greens.. and my kids love it- they call it hulk smoothies.

Crystal said...

Hey Debra! Spinach usually leaves a brighter color than collards. I believe that there is protein powder in this one as well(sometimes I need a little more umph!)Thanks for visiting!