Friday, February 07, 2014

Remembering the Things we Love

Recently my Mom gave me her sound system. I had mixed feelings about it. I was very excited to get it but at the same time it saddened me that she was giving it up. All those years, from bands to solo arrangements. I don't have any recordings or videos of her in my possession. Nothing. She had a love affair with music that I want to see. As I was pondering all this I realized that I am doing the same thing. There are no recordings, no thoughts written on paper, except a few hand written attempts at song writing. How sad! Here I am 34 and all I have is a few videos of my younger years. My kids may not feel the same way I do about being able to listen or watch their mother but I have decided to prepare if they do. I am going to start recording some music(not original to me) and posting it here. I'm not really interested in capturing perfection but I do want to have something to look back on. Who knows, it might come to bite me in the b**. I may look back and get depressed but at least I have the choice of pressing play. For those of you who have hobbies/passions, do you ever think about sharing/recording for your offspring?

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Is the End Goal College? Is There an End?

Do you like questions? We see the person who's asking them and automatically group them into the nosy category. Am I right? We get defensive as if we are being attacked. This is a sensitive topic for homeschool Moms. The reason, I believe, is that we feel like everything hinges on whether or not we got it right. If our kids are successful, we say we did good. If they aren't, we say "kids have choices, it's not my fault! I did everything I could" It all boils down to the reality that we DO make mistakes, we DO get things right sometimes, kids DO make their own decisions, and it's okay to admit it. With all that being said, we should all evaluate what we are doing, correct errors, and be okay with other people helping us when we need a little nudge. I love school. I love checking off boxes, studying for a test, and making good grades. I HATE forgetting what I studied for and realizing how much time I wasted on something that didn't even matter. My homeschooling path has been a bumpy road because of these two opposing forces within me. Couple that with the growing studies on education and it's failure to produce productive(and I do mean creative, not production line) citizens, and you have one renegade mama.  I came across a video lately that I will share. It's by no means the only resource out there for the paradigm shift that needs to happen but it will get your juices flowing. But first, the questions.
What is your end goal for your child? College? Why?
What is your child's end goal? Do they have one?
Should there be an end goal? Why or why not?
When/If we reach the end goal, then what?