Monday, July 31, 2006

Some updates!!

Well, I wrote a whole page of updates but it didn’t go through. So, lets start over!

-We had our 5th blessing on June 23rd! He was 6.7 lbs with apgars of 9/10. I NEVER had a baby with an apgar of 10. The surprising thing is that he has a whole in his heart. They believe it will close on its own. He also has an irregular heartbeat that they are hoping will go away. He has a cardiologist appt. on Aug. 29th. I am optimistic though.

-My SIL will be having her baby within the next week or two. She is having a little boy who I can’t wait to meet! I believe they will be awesome parents.

-We started the new school back with Sonlight curriculum. The girls are doing great so far. Kaitlyn is a little bit of a procrastinator, but aren’t all kids at 6??

-The new homeschooling school year is gearing up. We will begin going to activities this month. Girl Scouts will be starting up Aug. 31st. They are ecstatic about that. The only downside is that I can’t really participate because I have the babies.

-I go back to the Dr. for my 6 wk. postpartum checkup on Aug 7th. I have a cystocele that I will need surgery for later on in life.

-I might be singing with my mother at her church the weekend of the 18th! I am very excited about this because we have never sang together. Hopefully I will be able to travel up there and practice!

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I did want to share how well I am doing compared to my previous postpartum periods. I am so thankful that things have been going better than expected! I have been quite regimental in the care of myself so maybe that is what it is. Dh has been extremely helpful. He takes Alex (the newborn) at night so that my mommy brain doesn’t get any worse. There are several things that I have been doing over the last month that I think are crucial for this time period I am in:
1. Vitamins, SAM-E, Alfalfa in the morning
2. Exercise for at least 15 min.(t-tapp)
3. Quiet Time
4. Get fully dressed for the day( I will talk about this in another post)
5. Go to bed at 9 (I get up at 4)
6. Have snacks(fruit shakes)
I believe that’s it but if I think of anything else, I will post it later. This seems to really ground me. Hopefully once the kids get older I can exercise for longer periods so I won’t have to do it everyday but for now, this will have to do!

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