Thursday, August 16, 2007

Getting Closer

As we get closer to the birth of Andrew, things are kind of crazy. We are wrapping up dealing with our other house, in the middle of painting the living room, and dealing with car trouble. We did get the car fixed(God-willing) and we have made a lot of progress on the living room. We have only 2 weeks left with the other house before we can say BYE BYE!! So, I guess we are making progress but it just seems so slow. I am anxious for Andrew but nervous as well. I know he will fit in just fine but I just don't want to deal with the stress of another newborn/adjusting etc.. I will though, and I am sure that God will give me what I need to handle what he gives. I am happy that he will be born near the holidays. I love the holidays so that will give me an extra boost to get through those tough months of infancy. Tomorrow the kids are supposed to go with Emily to Nathans b-day party. She is taking ALL of them. I am a bit nervous for her but I think she will be fine. I just hope the kids are good! LOL


Tracee said...

Crystal, if you would like to have me bring your family a meal or two when Andrew is born, let me know, I'd love to help out!

Allen said...

We had a wonderful time together with ALL the kids. They are such a blessing to out hearts. You are blessed with an incredible family an opportunity to spread your love around.

ReginaML said...

Crystal, post a new post! Update me on your pregnancy. How are you feeling? When are you due again? How are the kids doing? Will you being going to the Park this fall before the baby comes and/or after? Regina