Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Last week of the school year

Well, this is our last week of this school year. The kids really won’t be able to tell other than having a week or so off. We usually start right back into it. They tend to do better with goals and things to do. I am still trying to adjust our schedule so that it works well with the little ones. Does anything work well with the little ones? LOL This year has proven to be so difficult. I have debated on whether to wait to start back to school for a month just to give Andrew some extra growing up time. We so have a lot of projects we could do so I might consider that. I could do a form of unschooling until….. It really just depends on if the kids beg me to start back school. We have our sonlight core 4 stuff in so they are wanting to get their hands on the books!

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Anonymous said...

Can this be our last week, too??? (JK) Way to go on the completion of another fun year learning together!!! We will finish the first week of May. (However, we do one to two days a week during the summer to keep the learning process and routine going.
Enjoy....hope you get some of your projects done!