Monday, November 09, 2009

  • Bible- Bible stories/Reading
  • Memory Chapter- 1 Corinthinthians 13 cont.
  • Hymn-Review previous songs, practice Silent Night Stanzas
  • Exercises-Stretching, Jumping Jacks, push ups, lunges, squats, calve raises,Running in place, jacknife
  • History
    • Story of the World: The Bottom of the World
    • Britannica online for kids videos on Aborigines
    • Paint faces like a Maori warrior
  • Handicrafts-Sewing lessons/Christmas projects/Kaitlyn's presents
  • Reading:

Charlotte- Reading the adult version of Journey to the Center of the Earth(she liked the beginning of the kids version of this book and decided she wanted to read the adult version for more detail. We will see:))

Kaitlyn-Finish Bark of the Bog Owl; Dear America Books(4)


  • Computer Science-Continue lessons on CSS(This has become a huge deal to the girls. They worked on it constantly this whole week!)
  • Art-Aboriginal art
  • People Study/Character Building-Missionary Stories, Service
  • Math- Math workbooks

Toby and Summer-math workbooks

  • Writing- LA workbook for grammar; Write a sales pitch and convince Daddy and I.
  • Preschool-Workbook/Books read
  • Toddler-Cutting/Pasting/Books
  • Extra-Poems

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