Monday, September 20, 2010

Project List Update

Well, the felt pig was a total flop. I had paid for the pattern and the instructions were terrible. I am pretty good about following patterns so I know it wasn't totally my fault. lol I did sew the cloth diapers so that was good. I tried a couple of recipes but I still fall back to my "normal". I am planning on trying another one today-Eggplant Lasagna. So on to another list.
-Eggplant Lasagna
-Learn how to record music from my DP EASILY
-Get a nap(Daniel woke up EVERY hour last night)


John and Marsha said...

How was the eggplant lasagna? We have one for eggplant parmasean that we all love if you'd like it. Hope all is well on your side of town.

Crystal said...

It was great Marsha! It is a raw version but still very yummy :)