Saturday, October 15, 2011

Grateful for my husband!

This morning Jason and I were talking about some things and I am just so grateful that God has given him insight and he helps me to understand certain things. Sometimes my view becomes cloudy and I can't quite understand the full picture. We were talking about the "all or nothing" mentality. I have mentioned on my blog that I struggle with this daily. What I haven't recognized is that there are others who struggle with the same thing and I need to understand and give them grace in this area. Just because you can't be the best musician, programmer, artist, mother, daughter, father, papa, etc.. doesn't mean that you give it up all together. It means that you do the best you can and work with what you got. Jason gave me a beautiful imagery. He said " Picture 2 gardens. One is lush and has thick black soil with abundant fruit and beauty. It would be awesome. Now picture another garden with boulders around everywhere and very few spots for adequate plant growth. But on the boulders you see cracks where plants have sprung up and one even has an apple tree! Wouldn't that be amazing?" He said " Your life is like that garden with all those boulders. You have to live in this garden, it's just the way things are. Don't you want to let God make it the most miraculous and awe-inspiring as you can? To tend to the plants that you CAN grow, even if it's not some botanical garden? God is growing plants where you least expect them. Don't give up and settle for a yard of boulders. Let God make it something beautiful" So all those people out there who struggle with the all or nothing mentality, Let God make something beautiful out of your garden of boulders!

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