Monday, December 26, 2011

State of Being vs State of Mind

I've been thinking about a concept since last night and had a chance to "cook" on it a little. In most circumstances I would say that the following is true. Surely this concept breaks down at some point but I like it for it's simplicity. This is probably not original to me but I don't know of anyone who has written/spoke it in this way. If you do, let me know, I want to read more of what they have to say.

Its not a state of "being" that usually causes me problems, it's my state of "mind"
It's not my future state of being that will cause my current fear, it's my current state of my mind about my future state of being that rattles my bones.


Susan Clardy said...

My very insightful daughter.....I am so blessed!

Parth said...

I got struck with same thought today, just googled n got u r post. I have one pointer where you can get answer to your question. Search for discourse subjected "from personality to individuality" by osho. Best luck :)