Wednesday, January 08, 2014

So proud of Toby!

 Toby got his demo reel on Blender Nation! He has worked so hard for so long(I think he was around 5 or 6 when he started.). I remember when our computers were sitting beside each other and he would be listening to tutorials(very boring tutorials!!) and I would beg him to put his headphones on because it was making me sleepy. That was several years ago. Now he does his own tutorials. We are starting a beginners blender club at the house next week. It will only last a few weeks but it would give him a chance to get some other kids excited about blender. Jason is teaching it and Toby will be helping(cuz I honestly think Toby knows more about it than Jason...shhhhh). I know that I'm the Mom and I will be proud of him no matter what but, well, this guy is pretty special. I also want to be sure not to puff his ego up but to make sure that he believes that he still has long way to go, that learning doesn't end. I want to praise him for his diligence(which should never end), not necessarily the work ;) Be praying for him, that God would bless his diligence and that he would stay focused. Grands, thanks for encouraging him!!
Oh, and if you want to go see the demo reel, it's at

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