Friday, April 07, 2006

Yeah! Another week coming to a close. This week went by pretty fast because I had that doctors appt. We really didn't get much done but it sure felt great just relaxing for a change. This evening we will be going to my mom's house to stay. She is having a play Sunday and I cna't wait to see it. The kids always enjoy spending time with the grandparents. My father called last night and we got to chat a bit. He told me that he has had the same problems with his heart that I do! However, they never could find anything wrong with him. I feel silly going to the cardiologist but better safe than sorry. My dad seemed really overworked. If he is not careful he will not be able to last much longer! I worry about that. He is one of those workaholics. Well, today we will be taking DH to work so that I can pack the car. I think we might go to the library this morning and return our books. Last week we got this hilarious video for potty training boys. It is a cartooon and shows their anatomy and everything. It's actually quite cute! Yesterday we stayed at the house. The girls went back and forth from playing the nintendo, coloring, listening to some stories, and doing an easter craft. Toby and Summer played so well together! I will never forget that! Summer is only 1 and she was playing an easy game of hide and seek with him. It was so cute. I am going to try and get some pictures this weekend of the kids. We will have alot of time to hang around tomorrow so maybe I can sneak in some! Well, heres to wrapping up another week!

On a side note......Just a few updates from last week.
-Our peanut butter pine cone got snatched by SOMETHING. We never saw it coming!
-My visit to the cardiologist is next Friday.
-We revised our plan for our website and we are happy now:)
-I didn't get much done to my website maintenance project because the owner is busy and hadn't had a chance to look at my revisions. Oh well.

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