Monday, May 15, 2006

Heart update..

Well, it doesn't look like I have the heart of the Grinch! YEAH!! I half expected to see a ball of fire on the ultrasound because of all the heartburn I have. But, the doc said everything looks great. The only thing he saw was that I have a redundancy in one of my chords or something. He said it is fine and shouldn't be a problem. I am very greatful. It was awesome to see my OWN heart on there. I have seen plenty of baby's hearts but not my own.
Today we have just relaxed. The kids watched ALOT of tv today, bad mommy that I am. :) BUT, they needed a break from the weekend. Charlotte learned how to count by fives today. She was so suprised and shocked. She was having a hard time today. I told her baby steps. Like everything, it takes time. It's not "fun" until you learn it. She wants things to come easy to her. I know how that feels! I still struggle with those feelings. BUT she has prevailed and I am happy for her. The kids played outside alot today as well. They dug up rocks and stuff. Summer loves outside! She mostly likes coming in and out. She thinks she is one of the big kids now. Its so cute. When Jason got home we all walked down to the park. She got to ride on the seesaw. At first she was scared but she eventually came over to me and wanted me to put her up on it. She likes it alot now. The kids all played and we came back home. Quiet now... Everyone is in bed and I am thinking about getting a bath with the stuff Emily gave me for mothers day. Its supposed to be very relaxing.....Calgon(or whatever its called).....take me away!!! :)

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