Monday, June 25, 2007

Falling Trees

Today we are supposed to have 5 trees taken down! I am not looking forward to hearing that scary crunch sound as they fall. Last week our neighbors had 15 pine trees taken down and one of them fell in our yard. It scared me to death! We are supposed to have the refrigerator man come by AGAIN for our leaking frig. It's not that bad but it could ruin the floor eventually. My sister came for Alex's b-day this weekend and it was so nice to see her. She seems like she is in a much better mood/spirit. I know that she is facing hard times right now but I honestly believe that God has a reason for it all. I love her dearly and wish I knew what to say to her sometimes. When I talk to people who are in rough spots sometimes I think I sound like this nieve and inexperienced fool! But I just want to share my heart and encourage. Maybe I will get better at that as I get older! LOL

On the positive side, I think we have found us a church! It's I really liked the sermon that he preached yesterday! If you want to read it, it should come up under the sermons link. They also had a visitors luncheon yesterday that was great! Toby and Summer stayed in the nursery, which was a big shocker. I think they really enjoyed it. I am taking the kids this Wed to see how they do. This week should be fairly busy but I am hoping to get more in the grove of schooling. Last week we did school but I had to leave out a couple of things because I didn't have the scanner.

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