Tuesday, April 01, 2008

House update

Well, we got the heater fixed, yay! Thanks to our church family we didn't go cold the other night. Those space heaters are amazing. It makes me wonder, why don't we use those instead of central heat? I haven't done any research but what a great way(I think) to save money. IF there were any in the stores right now, I would have to look into that. I think they put up heaters as soon as March is almost over. Wow, March is over. This year is flying by. Today my Mil is coming over(doing a happy dance). We always enjoy her company. I just wished we lived closer. I get to take Kaitlyn out to get a book because she finished reading her 50 books. We had a contest going to where when they finish 50 books, they get a prize. The following is her list. She didn't know that I wanted titles for series so that is why I don't have titles for all of them. This took her almost a month and a half
A Week in The Woods
The Big Bunny and The Easter Eggs
The Last Holiday Concert
The Prince and The Pauper
7 Rainbow Magic books
3 Samantha Books
11 Magic Tree House books
11 Boxcar children books
The Light at Tern Rock
3 Andrew Clement
4 Nancy Drew books
3 Fairy Tale books
Choose your Own Adventure book
A School Story
I am so proud of her. She loves to read!

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Tracee said...

That is awesome! I should get my kids going with something like that!