Monday, March 31, 2008

Passionate Housewives Desperate for God

Passionate Housewives Desperate for God was a great book! The main theme throughout the book is the deterioration of the role of women and men. They make the point that we are trying to not be feminine OR masculine, we are trying to be something in between. Meet in the middle syndrome. I agree with this. Masculinity is often overlooked because of the huge feminist movement. But, if you think about it, we are not encouraging men to be men when we encourage women to be like men. We are essentially effeminating men. They also talk about the common term "me time", or me-ology. One thing she said about this caught my attention. She said that this term implies that we are someone other than ourselves outside of me-time. I really believe that we need time to equip ourselves for the struggles AND joys of the day. I believe that this time should be in the morning. I believe that communing with God should be the most essential part of this time. To me, this does not mean that I am being selfish, something that seems to be implied in the book. I do understand where they are coming from but they even mention that "quiet time" isn't necessary. Not that prayer is not necessary. They mean time set aside with God. They make the argument that it is extremely hard during certain seasons in our lives. I think it is even more essential during times like that. I think me time to them is leaning more on the thought that "I need this time to stay sane". So instead of leaning on God to be sufficient, you lean on time away. I agree with this, but to turn around and say that having a time set aside to be with God is not essential, I completely disagree with. Just my thoughts. Overall, the book was excellent. They also talk about your view of children. Are they a blessing or something that just gets in the way of that me time that you seek. I think I am guilty of that sometimes for sure!

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