Sunday, September 06, 2009

Linux Journey- one week in

So, what I am using in Linux to replace my favorite windows programs? I have a short list right now but I am sure it will expand in time :) Be forewarned that I haven't used these long so my opinion may change.

Gnucash - A Microsoft Money replacement. I really like this program but I need to learn how to download transactions from the bank. This is not crucial but it is nice. Right now I can manually click whether or not something has cleared. The one thing that I don't like about it is that I can't select multiple transactions within an account. This means that I have to go through and click clear on each transaction. It also means that you can't assign an account/category to multiple transactions at the same time.

OpenOffice- A Microsoft Office replacement. I am very happy with this program. I haven't dived into the "Word" aspect of it as much as I have the spreadsheet but I am satisfied right now.

Gimp- A replacement for Photoshop. I gotta tell you, I LOVE my photoshop but I am extrememly pleased with the Gimp. It has many of the bells and whistles that photoshop does and it is free! The only draw back is that it does have a learning curve.

Evolution- A replacement for Outlook. I really can't say anything bad about it except for the migration aspect. It was a trial getting everything migrated over from Outlook to Thunderbird(another email client that doen't have the calendar like Evolution does) and then to Evolution. Especially if you are not dual booting. Thankfully I have this computer set up on a network with a folder share to a windows based system.

I have several other programs in the cue to try out and I will update on my progress/opinion of those soon.

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