Monday, February 07, 2011

Missions Week

At the wrap up of my church's Missions Festival I find myself shameful in the area of evangelism. There was a time when I was on FIRE for missions, I wanted to BE a missionary. I went to Moldova, Russia with a few adults from my church. I went to El Salvador and Virginia on a missions trip. My heart was captured, especially for the people of Russia. When I went to college I sank into a dark depression, quit, and gave up hope of ever becoming anything useful. Even though God brought me out of that pit I never regained my passion for missions, even on the home front. I became fearful because I was uneducated and inarticulate. Since then I have tried to live my life to honor God. I always give him the credit when anyone tells me in the store that I have a nice family, etc.. People ask me how I do it and I always say it's by HIS grace BUT that is not enough. Why should I keep his goodness to myself? It's a command to proclaim, as in the words of Marco DeFelice. I am beginning to pray that God would put a passion in my heart to proclaim the truth, here in my own little limited town.

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