Friday, June 03, 2011

 We are finally almost over this sickness that has lasted several weeks. Toby got it yesterday but it seems to be milder with him. He did run a 103 fever and vomited once but he doesn't act as sick as the rest. I want off the vomit comet!! Hopefully Jason won't get it.
  On the funny side we had some really cute things said during the whole thing. I don't know why being sick makes you say the funniest things but man did they have us rollin. We had kids waking up in the middle of the night talking about crazy stuff and Andrew was entertainment on several occasions. Yesterday I was in the laundry room transferring clean clothes to the dryer. Daniel and Andrew were with me and Andrew asked if he could help. I let him after I got over my initial thoughts of "This is going to take even longer". He loads a few things and we close the door. He looks at me and says so sincerely "Mom, thank you for sharing your dirty laundry with me!" It was so adorable and worth every second extra that it took.
  We also have had a major event happen a couple of days ago. Summer finally lost her first tooth! She has been wanting to lose a tooth for so long. It was precious. She was on top of the world. I am so glad `that this tooth came out quickly without any major pain. She just pulled it out and said "Look Mom, it came out!"
  So now that we are soon to be on the mend, we are looking forward to seeing friends again and getting outside(in the coolest part of the day of course) to soak in some summer time.

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Shelby said...

Oh my goodness, that was the cutest :D!!!!
And yay for Summer :)! I can't wait to see her new "hole" :)!