Monday, May 28, 2007

I don't have a name for this entry simply because I don't want to name it "update". how many times have I read that on a blog? Anyway, I have a couple of things to say to catch up on the last month. We will be closing on a new house on June 4th! I am extremely excited about this move! This best thing about moving to this new house is that we will be alot closer to Jason's work and family. I have given the piano a rest for the time. I have tried, fruitlessly, to practice but I can't seem to concentrate in the midst of having all the littles. So, for a season, I will put it down. Da Vinci even said that "We should not desire the impossible". I don't know why I can do all that I do but piano is not one of them! I think it's because I can't just put it down and come back real quick. It takes longer periods of time to get anywhere. I have been sewing more lately even! I made Kaitlyn, Me, and Summer and skirt. I am going to work on Charlotte's after the move. I also made them and Toby an apron, which was alot of fun! Yesterday I made homemade cheese! It was more like a ricotta cheese because I didn't use cheesecloth. It was sooo good. Then we used the whey(from the curds and whey) to make a protein shake-yummy and healthy! I really enjoy baking and cooking new things-especially if it saves money. I made some wheat bread the other day that we put the homemade cheese on. We topped it with tomatoes and onions. It was really good. The only thing I would like to change is to have homegrown tomatoes and onions! Maybe one day. I have been reading some excellent books lately. I am reading one right now called "Well rounded : eight simple steps for changing your life, not your size". It's written by a plus size model. I would recommend it to all women who struggle with ANY type of bad feelings toward their body-which is MOST women! I am also reading "The Call", by Os Guinness. It seems to be good so far. I need to get a side bar on my blog with a reading list. I have seen alot of people doing this and I love to see what they are reading-thank heavens for the library!

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