Monday, July 02, 2007

Bringing June to a close

Well, its hard to believe that July is here! June went by so fast. Here are some pics of us bringing it to a close.

Here's Jason and Charlotte pushing the littles

Me and Alex chillin in the sand

Summer looking beautiful as always

Toby stopping for a pose for Daddy.

Kaitlyn having fun and posing at the same time!

Charlotte taking cues from Daddy to get a good shot! Success!

We had a great time this weekend but most everyone, except me, is sick. I hated that! I had so much energy and really want to do more in the yard. We did get a little bit done but not enough! These green smoothies I have been drinking are awesome!! My big sister has started drinking them as well and she seems to have a lot of energy too! I hope that they do her well. She is a single mom and needs all the energy she can get!! Here's to a great start for the week and July!!

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