Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sickness won't go away!

I thought everyone would be well by now but now I am coughing and my throat hurts. Kaitlyn and Alex are the only ones left of the kids who still have a cough so that is good. I really wanted to get out yesterday and see my friends at park day but I didn't want to get them sick. This week has been pretty busy, maybe I wore my immune system out! LOL I have been going through alot of the stuff in the garage and taking it upstairs to the attic. Boy what a job!! It's hard when you have a belly getting in the way!! Speaking of bellies, I am 28 weeks so I entered into my third trimester this past week. That is exciting. Jason and I both are looking forward to bringing Andrew into the family. The kids can't wait! I have had to stop eating just raw foods because I couldn't gain weight-crazy huh? I am enjoying what I AM eating though-hehehe. It's mostly vegetarian with a piece of steak thrown in for iron. My Dad had his knee surgery this past week and I am waiting to hear an update on him. Last I heard he was recovering well. I am so glad that he finally got it. He has been in pain for a long time. He has a job that is very demanding on the knees so it's important to his livelihood. I will update soon as I hear. This weekend we are planning on taking it easy. We will see. We always end up doing more than we should have and wearing ourselves out!

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