Friday, August 08, 2008

This week was so much better than the last month or so! Dh didn't have to work as much. We are supposed to go upstate to see my nephew(it's his birthday) and check on my G-ma. She isn't doing so great. I am looking forward to seeing everyone but it always comes at a price. After visiting I always get homesick, wishing we could move closer to family. It lasts for a good week at least. I will try to take some pics while we are away. Today I have to pack for a family of 8..and school! I feel like I am sitting on the start line of a race.Ready, Set, Go!

On another note, I can't seem to find time to work on my website. I know this will change with the aging of my children but it's frustrating! I thought I had the design that I liked but something's funky in IE so I have to fix it. On top of that, I am going snail's pace with sewing my dress. I work on it about 5 min a day and it is taking forever! I might just use blogger to upload all my newbie projects. Then I wouldn't have to worry about a website etc... That's a thought.

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