Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This is hilarious

Japan hopes to increase 'abysmal' birth rate
OneNewsNow - 2/3/2009 4:00:00 AM

The professional culture of Japan is taking steps to increase the
country's population.

When Margaret Sanger launched a clinic in 1916 that later became
Planned Parenthood, Japan was the first nation to jump on the
bandwagon as the biggest financial supporter. Jim Sedlak of American
Life League's Stop Planned Parenthood, or STOPP International,
reports the Asian nation promoted family planning and abortion.

"And now Japan is beginning to see the effects of this," he
contends. "Japan's birth rate is abysmal. It's down [to] about 1.3
children per family, which is well below the replacement level of
2.2." reports at least one employer, Canon, is letting its
employees leave work early two times a week to "go home and
multiply." The article claims the 12-hour work day is just one reason
for the low birth rate. Other alleged contributors are the high cost
of living and the rapidity at which Japan's population is aging,
according to the article.

However, there are currently not enough children growing up to help
sustain the country's economy. "And now they're trying to do
everything they can to get their families to have more children, to
provide more Japanese children for the workforce," he notes, "but
also just to provide more Japanese children to save their culture and
to save their island."

Sedlak contends some European countries face similar circumstances
that will eventually affect America's future if the situation is not

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