Tuesday, June 02, 2009


1 Cup buckwheat groats

Soak buckwheat groats for 6 hrs. Drain and place in a mason jar(or seed sprouter container) with cheesecloth over it secured with either the top or a rubberband. Rinse and drain every meal(3 times a day). Make sure to really rinse these. They can get quite slimey. Once tails have grown to desired length(small tails to 1/4 in), your done. Place on teflex sheet in dehydrator. Set to 105 until dry(8-12 hrs or until dry). You can then transfer to container. These will keep a while, unless you eat them all up. :)


Stormimay said...

Where do you get these? I am currently looking into getting a dehydrator.

Crystal said...

You can get them at whole foods, earth fare, or any other health food store that carries bulk grain. You can also order them online.