Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vacation and Back Home

Well, we had an interesting vacation. We had a lot of fun times! We are back home and things are not back to normal yet. Kaitlyn is really sick right now. She is running a fever of 104 and I am trying to get it down. I took her to the doc. yesterday because she was complaining of a sore neck and headaches. Those are signs of meningitis. The doc said that she might have it but only time would tell. I am supposed to take her in if she gets worse. The thing is, now her neck isn't hurting much and she doesn't have a bad headache. Does that mean this thing is just a virus? I surely don't won't Andrew to get it because he will likely have a febrile seizure with such high temps. Dh goes back to work today. I am sure going to miss him, it's so nice having him home! I will post later with an update on Kaitlyn.

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Family said...

Praying for Kaitlyn. Please keep us updated.