Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Someone please pass the expresso

Wow, I have been exhausted! We have managed to get school back in motion this week which has been nice. They enjoy having stuff to do. We are planning on going to the zoo today. That is always fun! I have some pics of the birthday cake that my Mother in law and sister in law made. I will upload those today. The cake was awesome! We had such a good time this past weekend. It's always hard visiting up there though. We miss it so badly! We miss being around family. I just wish I could take all my friends and my church with us when we move back. I don't know if we ever will move back but the plan was in a couple of years, if the Lord made the path clear, we would do it. We will see what he has for us. I am so very thankful for where we are now though. The Lord has put many wonderful people in our lives. The kids have loved it! On another note, we gave the cat away to our next door neighbor. She has 9 other cats! I am so glad she took him because I was about to take him to the humane society. Now the kids can go and see him. I have to say that it was really sad though. When we came back in the house it was like a family member was gone. So weird! We really didn't have a choice though. Several of the kids have cat allergies and they were miserable.

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