Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Cd

A friend let me borrow a Cd called Soothe Me by Serene and Pearl from I LOVE it! You can find it here. It focuses on Motherhood while uplifting our Heavenly Father. It is so uplifting. I really needed to hear it. Thank you Shelby!!


mandmplusfive said...

Oh, Crystal! I'm so glad you got to listen to this CD. A good friend of mine let me borrow hers one time. I really enjoyed it! I need to buy myself one.

Do you have Power of Motherhood? I HIGHLY recommend it.....It's wonderful! :o)

Blessings, Micah

Treasurekeeper said...

You're very welcome :). I'm glad you liked it :). I love that CD, I had never heard anything like it before. My favorite is the song "Soothe Me" :). The analogy really got helped me get through those first nine months when Abbi wasn't sleeping ;). And I second the Power of Motherhood suggestion! I would lend it to you too but it's packed right now :/.

Crystal said...

I don't have The Power of Motherhood. I am sure it's very good. I hope they come out with another cd. Shelby, that's my favorite too!

Treasurekeeper said...

I will be happy to lend The Power of Motherhood to you when I find it, could be a few weeks ;).