Friday, August 18, 2006

Apartment living and Family Additions

Well, I thought I would TRY and get a word in while the little one naps.It's been really tough lately. This apartment is getting smaller by the minute! I can't wait till November. I really don't know if we will find something we like but I am praying!! We will be renting because we feel that's the best decision for us right now. I can't wait till I can let the office know what I think about this place!
Now for some GREAT news!! I have a new nephew!!! He is gorgeous and big, nine pounds! My sister-in-law did a great job. I can't wait to meet him, hopefully within the month. It is such a wonderful blessing when we add to our families, isn't it!
Well, I sang with my mom at her church last Sunday. We did a great job and I got asked back! I walked away pleased, something that doesn't usually happen! i was especially worried about this performance because we only practiced without the vocals one time before we had to perform it. That is a first for me. I wish I could sing more with her but she lives almost 2 hours away and there is no way we could ever practice. Maybe one day we will move up there again. Mom gave me a bunch of her old clothes too. I've been trying to dress more feminine and even though most of these clothes aren't dresses, they are very feminine. It makes me feel so much better about myself when I dress that way. Well, baby boy is waking up!

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