Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New house

Well, i think we decided on our rental house. As of right now, I LOVE it!!!! I never thought I would find a house in Columbia that I love. I fell in love with it the first time I saw the front door! Its on a horse farm and has tons of walking trails around it that go on for miles. Here are some pics of the outside. As you can see, the kids can just walk up to the horses. This is right beside our driveway. There is another house right behind ours that the horse keeper sleeps in. She is just hired to take care of them. I am very excited but apprehensive as well. We will only get dial up and it has gas heat. We had gas heat in our last home but it was new. I don't know how insulated this one is. The man that owned the farm actually built the house himself. He used the wood from the farm for the inside and of course you can see that its brick on the outside. We will be moving on the 1st. I am praying this is a wise decision.

We were going to attempt to buy a home but I just don't think that would be wise. We are not very familiar with the city and I don't know how long we might be here. Plus, I REALLY don't won't to get into debt again!! We just finished paying off everything but the car so I don't want to take on 180,000, which is what we would have HAD to do to get a home big enough and in a decent neighborhood. This rental house is 9 miles away from Jason's work yet it seems and feels like 100!! I hope I won't be too scared in it! I am going over there again today to fill out the application but the lady basically told us we have the house. YEAH!! I might try to post some pics of the inside but the lights are off so I don't know how good they will be....

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