Thursday, August 03, 2006

Peak-a-Boos and Bahá'í's

You gotta love it when your little one plays peak-a-boo, no matter how many times you play!
Here are some recent pics of the newest addition-adorable huh!

Yesterday we went to the house of a lady from one of our homeschool support groups. We had a blast! Kaitlyn and Charlotte got to play with some kids from their Girl Scout Troup, so that was great. i got to catch up with some ladies and meet new ones too! I had an interesting conversation with one of them about their religion. She is of the Bahá'í faith. She told me that they basically believe that all religions share similar beliefs in God and that they can all come together and worship and learn. I am not a very aggressive person in my beliefs and it's at these times when I wish Jason were around. He has so much more biblical knowledge than me. I just said that it must be difficult with sermons. The "teacher" must only be able to preach uplifting and positive sermons instead of scriptural. She said no, that they teach out of all the "holy books" and it is common that the congregation can't differentiate which one it is!! I thought wow; they must not read them then! On a side note, I do respect these peoples desire to believe in a God and lead a positive life. However, it's sad that some of them will probably never see the fruits of their efforts. The only true way to heaven and happiness is through God's son, Jesus Christ. Believe that he is the son of God, that he came to earth, died, and rose again on the third day. It is by his stripes that we are healed. Believe and you will be saved. Unfortunately, I am not a very good evangelist for Christ. I do not go out and proclaim the gospel. I have a problem with ruffling people’s feathers. Granted, it wouldn’t have been the best place to get into a biblical discussion. I still feel a little bad though.
Today I am planning on going to the library to get some books for Kaitlyn’s school. The ones I got are too difficult right now. I was afraid of that. But, you gotta do what you have to. So, I am taking the book list from sonlight for the intermediate level 2 books and I am going to get them from the library. I think she will do great with those! I really want to work on my skirt today but I don't know if I will get a chance.

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