Tuesday, September 19, 2006

First Video?

See if this works

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Anonymous said...

Crystal I enjoyed your video and I agree that what our generation is experiencing is "evil unaware". Our financial disaster occurred when a man stole my dh's briefcase and wrote thousands of dollars in hot checks and was never prosecuted. Bcz of him, my dh lost his 18 year career as an electrical engineer, we had to file bankruptcy and our house was in foreclosure 3 years in a row. By the way, we "bought" this house 10 years ago for $85K and we've paid over $100K in the past 10 yrs and the mortg co says we still owe $72K. I'm so sorry for your $6K bill and I wish we all didn't have these $issues to deal with, but I truly believe the Lord can use these circumstances to draw us closer to his heart and see HIS Faithfulness as He Provides in His Time! Cling to his promises. He will take care of you
It was such a pleasure to meet you Crystal. PS You are beautiful!
Joyfully in Jesus, Joyce Stewart