Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lose to Invest

I know the title sounds confusing so let me try and explain. Americans believe that investing is putting something into something else which produces something better than the thing you put in. All of this is supposed to be done with minimal effort. They believe that because they are “smart” it should come easy and quickly. Wrong! Even “smart” people have to sacrifice something to get something. Now, there is upon occasion blessings that come from the Father that we have nothing to do with. Being born into wealth, being very fertile, and being a genius(one that has knowledge above what can be taught). Nobody can really brag on those things because it has nothing to do with any sacrifices that person made. There are many things in our lives that could be called investments, though I don’t think most people look at them that way. For instance:
Spending time with your spouse
Raising your children
Teaching your children
Reading an educational book
Late nights working on a home business
Cleaning your house
Eating right
Let’s try to make some investments today!

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