Monday, September 18, 2006

Why we shouldn't plan beyond today....

Well, as you might have guessed, we have had experience with this lately. 2 events changed our plans this week. We were planning on going to my MIL's this weekend so that she could watch the kids and DH and I could get some time together. That didn't happen. Summer came down with a runny nose, fever, and vomiting. So much for the weekend. Then, on Sunday, I backed out of the garage and was not paying attention to what I was doing. I backed straight into DH's car! The parking gear does not work now. He had to put the emergency brakes on so that it wouldn't roll. I feel terrible about it. Not only that, but now we only have one car and the kids and I are the ones that are going to suffer. The consequences of not paying attention are great!
I was talking to Charlotte yesterday and she asked me why I shouldn't get in trouble for "not paying attention". I told her I am getting in trouble and its much worse than a spanking! She said "How?" I told her that now I have to stay home all day instead of being able to go out. And if we choose to get the car fixed, thats money that needs to be spent. She said "What about lying. You don't get in trouble if your an adult." (You have to understand that she is having a little problem with this herself lately) I said "Oh yes we do! If we get caught in our job lying, they could fire us! Also, if we have kids, then we teach them to lie and they will ultimately teach their children too. So, see we would have affected 2 families by lying! That is definately bad consequences!" She quieted after that.
I have learned this lesson of planning over the last couple of years so it doesn't bother me as much as it might have 5 years ago. I used to get upset over ANYTHING that didn't go as planned. But,we know that God is God. My knowledge only comes from experience and public school(which isn't much!) Therfore, I have no clue what he has in store for me from day to day. Sometimes I like his suprises, sometimes I don't. Ultimately, it doesn't matter. It may stink for a while but I know that I will learn something out of it because his planning is never worthless.

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