Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kombucha fun

I have made kombucha..yay! It tasted awesome today. This is what I started with, given to me by my raw food know who you are! Thank you so much!

~Get a mushroom or make one from the kombucha tea you get at the health food store
~Get some tea, sugar, wooden spoons, and some type of glass jar.
~Boil quart of water, add 1/3 -1/4 cup of sugar until dissolved
~Put tea bag(should be black tea) in and let cool to room temp.
~Put mushroom(and tea that it sits in) into the jar with the tea you made.
~Put coffee filter or paper towel over it with rubberband
~Don't mess with it, put it out of direct sunlight.
~Start tasting in 4-5 days(though it could be longer depending on how warm it is. The warmer it is, the faster it's done)
***Don't use the mushroom if you see it grow hair! This isn't good.
***There will be another mushroom in there when your brew is done, separate and don't throw it away, give to a friend.. No need to kill the little thing. :(
***It will continue to ferment even without the mushroom in it. Store in frig to slow fermentation or leave on counter with a tight lid to make it more carbonated.
***Drink the brown stuff that floats in the tea, it's there for a reason and is good for you! If you just can't stand the thought of eating them, strain them.
***Remember, every mushroom is different, don't fret if yours doesn't fit in with the crowd :)

After 6 days, the mushroom makes a baby and then you can make another batch. you can see the shroom in the jar on the right.


Katie said...

yah!!! did it turn out good?

AIMEE said...

you might like the recipes going on at!

Crystal said...

Katie, it turned out great! Thank you so much. I have 2 new batches in the pantry. I will email you later

Crystal said...

thanks Aimee for the site!