Saturday, March 01, 2008

Raw food friend

I have a raw food friend who lives close by! AND she is a Christian. Can you believe that? Hey Katie! She gave me a scobie (kombucha mushroom) and let me try some raw food she got from a raw food class she attended. It was great. She also brought me some homemade kombucha. Yum.
Today I am heading up to Anderson to scrapbook with my super extreme Mom. My step fathers sisters are going to be there as well. I am looking forward to the fellowship. I am going to take some pics and I will upload them later.

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Katie said...

I made the blog-yah!!:) (I am a most faithful blog reader). i'm glad you liked your apple cobbler a la sea vegetables...hope you didn't have to share too much kombucha but soon you'll be brewing enough for everyone!