Thursday, July 10, 2008

Earlier this week I went to see my G-Ma(grandmother). She had lung cancer and had surgery. The surgery went well but she isn't doing that great. She is on a respirator which they will try to remove again today. It was extremely hard to watch everything happening. By everything I mean the whole situation. The reason why is that I remember when my Great G-Ma died. This whole thing reminds me how quick our life is on this earth. Next in line is MY mother! That was very disturbing for me and I still haven't processed it fully. I decided I would go back to blogging in the hopes that one day, when I pass over to see my Father, my grankids will know at least a little bit about me.

On another note, we are all well. One VERY exciting thing that happened yesterday was that we got our seat for our van. It's another 3rd row seat to replace our 2 row seat so that we can all fit into the same van. It's in excellent condition. We are just praising God for this little(big) gift.

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