Monday, July 28, 2008

Zoo pics

Here are the kids petting a giant turtle. I couldn't believe we were able to pet him. He was looking right at us.

Here are me and the kids inside the penguin building. LOVE the penguins!

Here are the kids in front of the elephants. It was a good thing I snapped it when I did because right after that one of the elephants relieved himself and it stank soo bad that we practically ran away.

Here are me and Andrew. So cute.

A very kind lady offered to snap the whole family! What a blessing that was.

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Sierra's Space said...

What a cute blog, you guys look like such a happy family, kind of like, mine, real big, haha. I'm the oldest of [seven] kids, (now we have six, but another is on the way) keep it up :D