Sunday, December 07, 2008

Having fun

Despite siblings arguing and fussy children sometimes, we have a lot of fun! I am so blessed to say that I love playing with our children. They really crack me up. From playing cards and shooter with the older ones to chasing the younger ones through the house, they are so fun! I love their giggles and smiles. I love to hear them speaking to one another about God. Sure they argue and fight a lot, but they also love one another very much. Joy is not the same if you can't share it with a sibling. We have had a lot of issues with one of our children lately. They want to grow up so badly and so they make the other person miserable because that person is growing up before them. We have talked about so many different things(spending 2-3 hours a day) talking about selfishness, God, self, etc... After a really hard day with this child I walked upstairs to find that they had folded the clothes that were on my bed(I was going to have to fold them before I went to bed). They said "I was thinking about what would make your day better and I thought I would help you fold clothes". I know that some of their willingness to do this stemmed from feeling guilty about the day but it didn't matter. They had chosen to stop thinking about themselves for a moment(something we were telling them all day) and start thinking about others. I was so touched. Thank you God! It's so hard to die to self, isn't it?

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marsha said...

AH! How sweet it is when they show they show you they care about you. I love it.

Just so you know, you are missed on this side of town.