Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We are back

We came back from my Fil and Mil's house on Saturday. We had a great time, despite some sicknesses going around. Andrew didn't handle being somewhere else very well but he made it through. Summer vomited Christmas night and my Fil didn't feel well either. BUT, God is good and he blessed the time we had with them. I respect them so much, such Godly wisdom comes from that house. I am so grateful. I had not wanted to go away for Christmas because I thought it was my right to stay home but I changed my mind when I talked to a lady from my church. She said she has traveled on Christmas(traveled far too) all her married life and it is not a big deal. She said her children always loved going over to her in laws and never wanted to stay home. So, that changed my min, and my heart. On a down side, my camera isn't working so I need to get out our camcorder and use it to take pictures. My in law's computer wasn't working so I couldn't copy the pictures they took over christmas. I am hoping to get those soon. :) Today we are going over a friends house(I hope) if everyone is feeling better. I am really looking foward to it. She is so nice. She doesn't mind kids running everywhere! LOL

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