Sunday, December 07, 2008

Kaitlyn's 9th birthday

What can I say? My little girl celebrated her birthday today(her real birthday is Dec. 23 so she wanted to celebrate it to make it special. She got her ears pierced and was able to have a friend over this year. I also curled her hair(something she really wanted) It has been a big year for her. She had a blast and I am so thankful. She also got to go with a friend to a party for their relative's 16th b-day. The parents had made it really special(with roses, a dj, and dressing up in pretty dresses) I am so proud of her, of who she is becoming.I am so grateful to God that he is working in her life.

Everyone is waiting on the cake.

Here's her gorgeous cake that my Mil and Sil made. They are so wonderful!!!

She didn't want to look at it until it was ready. She was so excited.

And here she is...

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