Saturday, January 10, 2009

A day in our lives/Week 2 pics

I tried to include things here that happen EVERY day. This is a near perfect example of most days in our house. Enjoy! My morning starts with breakfast, quiet time, reading, or watching/listening to sermons(no the kids aren't awake)

Breakfast for the kids. This is fruit salad

Start a load of laundry

Get everyone something to drink

Time to light my candle. I do this almost every morning. I love candles!

Charlotte Mason memory verse system. I also use this to organize our hymns. We have started doing catechism at this time as well.

Vaccuum time!

Upstairs time. Baths and getting dressed happen now.

Playing after bathtime

While they play I get started on a load of laundry. This is an average load that I fold everyday:)

Coming downstairs after we all get ready. Before I even leave the stairs Alex runs and gets the popcorn machine. He wanted popcorn for snack. LOL

The rest of them coming down.

At this point we have snack and I do read alouds. We go over memory verse and catechism again. Then I sit with Toby and do 100 EZ lessons

School time for the rest. Fridays are light(er) days. I don't have some things listed but everything that they must do by themselves is listed on the board so noone can say they didn't know.

At the table getting ready for Me to come and do their worksheets with them.

Kaitlyn snapped this of me teaching the littles.

Break time for the babies! Play time!

11:00 is hymn time. They enjoy this MOST days.LOL

We then had lunch and cleaned up. They have free time as well. Jason comes home for lunch. I took a pic of him real quick;)

1:00- they have free time if they finished all their school work. They had to come in though because it was too cold!

We then got some magazines out and started cutting some pics out we liked.

After quiet time is time to just play. The little ones are bouncing off the walls and are usually running around. We eat dinner and then Jason comes home. After he eats he usually(most every day) plays tickle lion with the littles and shooter(with nerf guns) with the older ones. Sometimes he will play wii with them too. After we put the kids to bed Jason and I have a snack and play cards. While we were playing cards Charlotte came down and gave us these sock people as a gift for...VALENTINES! She couldn't wait to give them to us she said. We told her that it was sweet but that she needed to use her socks for her feet. We all had a good life talking about this and making funny comments about her stinky feet people. Life is full.

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Shelby said...

Oh my goodness! Alex with the popcorn popper cracked me up!!! He is sooo cute!