Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I got to thinking about hope today. There are several people I know that are in situations that require some sort of hope just to make it through. "Hope that he gets a job", or "Hope that things change". Without hope, we get pretty depressed in tuff situations(I have been there many times). Even unbelievers have hope, of something. Then it dawned on me. How WONDERFUL it is that I have been given such a marvelous hope. The hope of eternal life with my Savior. The hope and knowledge that he is good, whatever he does is good and perfect, and the hope and assurance that he will continue the good work that he started in me. I then thought about all the people that don't have or that refuse to accept this hope. How soul wrenching it must be. To scramble about trying to grasp a rope of assurance but never succeeding because they choose worthless, worldly things. What peace they are missing! I praise God that he has given this to me because strangely enough, if left alone, I would have never chosen it.

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