Monday, January 26, 2009

Here we are again. It seems yet another sickness has made it's way into our homes. Jason and Kaitlyn have coughs again and Andrew had a runny nose all weekend. I think virus' get lonely and they want to come to our house because we have so much fun here. That's why we get sick! Aren't you jealous? LOL In all honesty, I am grateful that our sicknesses haven't been terrible. They have mostly been mild but long. We seem fine other than being extra tired. We just can't go to church or fellowship like we want. I hope we are all well by this Thursday though. We are supposed to have our keepers meeting. We will be teaching the kids crocheting and how to use a plastic canvas. I will be taking some pics of the kids today to upload for my weekly pics. Do you ever feel like what you have to say is, well, dumb? I don't post my thoughts on biblical things because I always feel dumb, you know? I don't want someone else tripping over my stupidity. I might start blogging some about what I read but I am still thinking about it :)


mama sue said...

i have never heard anything"stupid" ever come out of your mouth!!!!! You ALWAYS have great things to say!!!
Love mama SUe

Shelby said...

I second your mama sue :)!